IronFit Shilajit

IronFit Shilajit

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- Resin Himalayan Shilajit is a natural supplement made of fulvic acid, minerals, and vitamins.

- Its main benefit is an increase in testosterone, making it an ideal choice for men seeking a natural solution to men's health.

- Shilajit can also boost energy and improve physical performance.



  • Shilajit in Pakistan is only found in the mountainous areas of Gilgit Baltistan,
  • due to its numerous health benefits its demand is always very high in Pakistan as well across the world.
  • It is very hard to extract Shilajit stone as it is found on high altitudes at 1600fts, therefore the price of the original Shilajit is very high. 


Main Benefits

1. Aids in boosting testosterone 

2. Great for heart health

3. Dopaminergic effects for well being

4. Balances Hormones

5. Great as a pre workout

6. Increased energy.

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